How Can I Get Backlinks to my Website?

Getting backlinks to your website is very important to know. It drives traffic to your website and well all need traffic right? I will show you one way that I use social bookmarking sites and how to get backlinks to your website. Once you know how to do this then every time you create a webpage will want to do this to bring more people to your website.

At this time I am assuming that you have a website of your own. If you have never done this before then you will want to become a member of some social bookmarking sites.

Below are a few of the most popular one and ones that I use.

What you want to do is go there and register to become a member. It’s free to do and doesn’t cost you a thing, but your time. You’ll also want be organized and keep track of all the sites that you are a member of. What I do is use a five subject notebook for all this. I keep track of my detailed internet marketing websites that I am a member of this way. Once you learn how to get backlinks and where to go then you can refer back to your notes to make this process much faster. I do not like to save passwords and info on to my computer. It’s just a safe way to be.

How to get backlinks through social bookmarking is a way to bring free traffic to your site. What you will want to do is go there and submit your URL. It can be a little tricky at first on where to do this. Just look around and you will find where to post it. Some are on the top right corner of the homepage of the website and others are on a different page. You’ll have to look for it. Once you find the spot to submit your URL then go ahead and paste one of your webpage links there. Just make sure not to submit the links twice. I haven’t done that before, but heard from other sources to be very careful about that.

Another way on how to get backlinks to your website is through linking your articles that you write to the social bookmarking sites. So in that case you would do the same thing just use your article link instead.

Here are some of the article marketing directories that I go to post my articles as well as other places you can post to.

EzineArticles is my favorite.

Go Articles



Free Ad Forum

Articles Alley


You’ll want to make a habit to do this in your daily schedule.

There are other ways on how to get backlinks to your website as well. I’ll save that for another time. Getting backlinks can be very powerful and helpful to you so that you can get more traffic to your website.

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