What is Internet Marketing?

Question: What is Internet Marketing? Answer: Internet marketing is the process of selling a product online and earning a commission when doing so. Basically, Internet marketing involves using the Internet to deliver a product to an audience who is looking for something. It could be a product of a service. People will do a search in a Search Engine like Google.com. An Internet marketer is able then to deliver content in the search results to these people and help them find what they are looking for. If a purchase is made through a link that you own, a commission is earned.

Question: Can anyone make money on the Internet? Answer: Absolutely! Can you tell I am excited. The reason for this is that I know you have what it takes to succeed online. You don’t have to be technical and you don’t need a marketing degree to succeed at this.

Think about this…

If you spent as much time as you did in your day job working on your Internet business, you would be wildly successful! If you are willing to work hard and set a few goals for yourself, you will be surprised as to what you can achieve online.

Question: I don’t have any product to sell. Is that OK? Answer: Yes, you don’t have to have your own product to be an affiliate maketer. As an “affiliate marketer” you get to promote other people’s products and services. Then in exchange for your work they will give you a piece of the pie. There are affiliate networks like Clickbank out there that can pay up to 75% on most of the products you promote. There are 1,000’s of affiliate programs out there in every industry that you could imagine. Did you know that there is an affiliate programs for selling rocks! Affiliate commissions can add up very quickly when you understand that you only need to get 4-5 customers out of a billion people online each day to buy something through your link. If an average sale is around $35, you can see that without a ton of work you will be making $175 extra/day..30 days per month. That’s pretty cool, huh? The reason I recommend training services like Wealthy Affiliate is that they give you access to all the trainings you need to become successful at affiliate marketing. Having the right training will truly JUMP START your path to success.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will be successful? If not, what can I do to improve my chances? A: No, I cannot guarantee your success. What I can tell you is that if you work at this and treat it like a business, you will become successful. You’re only going to get out of your internet business what you put into it. People do fail all the time within the business world and it is those who continue pushing forward after failure that are successful. How many times did Thomas Edison fail before he created the light bulb? If you seriously want to make good money and have an online business then you will get it, if you work at it. The Internet has opened doors for everyone. You have the same opportunity as me, and we all have the same opportunity as larger companies out there. Everyone is on an even playing field and there has never been a better time to start. Average people like you and I can make $10,000’s every month without even having a product that we own! Question: I don’t have a website, can you help? Answer: Yes, setting up your own website gives you a spot on the Internet and a place to extend your presence on the interent. You DO NOT need a website of your own though. With that being said, you may want to take your Internet game to the next level and get your own website. You have two options that I suggest. 1 – Join WealthyAffiliate.com and get Hosting included for FREE (and you get a pre-built website) 2 – Sign-up to HostGator.com and have them host your site. Hostgator.com is slightly cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate however you get many other tools, services, and not to mention personal coaching if you join WA.

Q: Clickbank does not accept people from my country…are there any alternatives? A: Yes. There are other affiliate programs out there that you can promote. Here are some of the top affiliate networks online. cj.com shareasale.com linkshare.com performics.com paydotcom.com pepperjam.com You can also do a search in Google for affiliate programs. Type weightloss affiliate programs and you will see the results. This is how you can find any product to promote.

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